Frequently Asked Questions


Your municipality is working with DocuPet to provide online pet licensing and renewal to residents. All licensing is done through the DocuPet system. However, you do not have to opt in to the additional services that DocuPet provides.

DocuPet provides pet licensing services for municipalities. Our mission is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet. Our licensing platform and supporting programs are designed to make the licensing process convenient and enjoyable for pet owners and administrators alike. We accomplish this by:

  • Offering online and over the phone options that allow pet owners to license their pets from the comfort of their own homes, or pop in to a vendor location to quickly license in person
  • Increasing awareness of the program’s requirements and benefits through online advertising, mail-outs, email campaigns, digital signage and community awareness programs
  • Helping pets find their way home if ever lost through our proven HomeSafe™ Lost Pet System
  • Building the pet owner and pet business community through our online pet profiles
  • Providing an enhanced experience - from our pet tags to our exceptional customer service team

For more information about DocuPet, see

Your pet licence includes the following:

  • Unique Pet Tag: Our tags are a bit different than what you might be used to. Each tag has a unique ID code that is specific to your pet. Our high-quality zinc alloy tag has a special code on the back that is unique to your pet and this code is associated to an online profile which you can manage from your DocuPet account.
  • Online Profile: Your pet’s online profile allows you to store your contact information, additional pet information and a photo of your pet. Here you can choose what information is visible to the public through your privacy settings.
  • Lost Pet Program: Our HomeSafe™ Lost Pet System is a free online tool designed to connect pet owners and their community to share updates about the whereabouts and condition of lost pets. Your pet’s tag is engraved with a unique identifying code that is tied directly to their online profile. This code is what allows both you and members of your community to easily and efficiently communicate through our system’s Lost and Found Pet Reports.
  • Tags That Help All Pets: Not only do our tags help lost pets get home safely, they also help fund local initiatives that find safe and happy homes for society’s most vulnerable animals. 

In order to complete the licensing process, you will be required to provide basic information about your pet and a few critical pieces of information about yourself including your name, address, and contact information. However, once you have completed the licensing process, you are encouraged to add extra information about your pet in their online accounts, including photos! 


If you wish to license from the comfort of home, you can do so online here, or over the phone by calling 1-855-249-1370 between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST.

If you wish to license in person, learn about your options here.

We need your email address to create a unique ID for your account. If you are licensing online or activating your online account we need a way for you to verify your account.

If you do not have an email you will need to license your pet in person at one of the participating locations listed here.

In order to activate your online account, you will either need your access code, or your tag number, pet name, postal code, and phone number. Learn more here.



Your pet tag will come in the mail regardless if you license online, over the phone, or in person. Please allow for 10-12 business days to receive your tag and use your receipt as proof of licence in the meantime!

If it’s your first time licensing a new pet, along with your pet tag you will receive your new Membership Package with information about our free HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service!

If you are renewing a licence, you may get a new tag, but it’s up to you to indicate you wish to receive it!


You can order and pay for a replacement tag online by logging into your account and selecting the "Order Replacement Tags" link. Alternatively, you can visit an associated sales vendor to purchase a replacement tag.

Please get in touch with us! We stand by the quality of our tags and if yours has worn within one year of purchase and is no longer legible we will replace it free of charge once provided with proof of the wear.


DocuPet's Lost Pet Service allows you to control the information that is displayed from your pet's tag and sends alerts to local pet lovers who want to be part of the program!

You control the information included in a Lost Pet Alert through your "Lost Pet" privacy settings. These privacy settings can be edited at any time from within your online profile. During the process of reporting your pet lost you will be asked to review this information and can edit it if necessary.

As a member of the Lost Pet Brigade, you are not obliged to do anything at all, but if you are available to help and see that the pet was last seen in your area, we would hope that you would take the time to look around your immediate vicinity. This is your way of "paying it forward" should you ever need the assistance of the Lost Pet Brigade yourself!

Report your pet lost by logging into your account. The first page you see has a list of your licensed pet(s) and beside each pet is a "Report Fido Lost" button. You should always check with your local animal shelter as well.

Alternatively, contact DocuPet at 1-855-249-1370 for assistance with your lost pet.

You are always in control of what information is visible to the public through your pet's tag. Go update your privacy settings by logging into your account and click "Privacy Settings" on the far right-hand menu.

If you licensed your pet in person you can gain access to your online account by activating your account here.

Alternatively, contact DocuPet at 1-855-249-1370 for assistance with your lost pet.

Administrators trained to look up pet IDs when lost pets arrive. They will contact you should your pet arrive at the pound even if you haven't issued a Lost Pet alert. Your pet must be licensed with your municipality to receive this service.

When you log into your account, the first page you see has a list of your licensed pet(s) and beside your lost pet will be a "Report Fido Found" button.

When you report your pet found we will inform everyone within the lost pet brigade, remove your pet's profile from the "Lost Pet's" page and breathe a big sigh of relief!

Please! Because we engage a whole community of pet lovers when you report your pet lost and we appreciate being updated as soon as possible when your pet is found so we can let everyone know the search is off.


Your pet’s information can be edited on your online profile at any time by logging into your account. If you don’t have access to a computer you can update your pet’s information by calling DocuPet at  1-855-249-1370 or visiting any of our associated sales vendors.

You can update this information in your online account, call us at 1-855-249-1370 or email us at  to let us know of the passing of your pet.

We’re sorry! Unfortunately unless you tell us a pet is no longer in your care, we have no way of knowing. Have you already told us? You may have a duplicate account. Get in touch with the DocuPet customer service team to update your record by calling 1-855-249-1370 or emailing


You sure do, it’s the law!

Dogs are required to wear their identification tag at all times.

Yes, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, except when they are on your property or on the property of someone who has given permission for your dog to go unleashed.

You sure do, it’s the law!

Dog Park Tags may be purchased at the Community Services Office located at 16 Civic Centre Road for $20.00.  The Park Tag is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and must be renewed upon expiry should you wish to continue to access the Dog Park.  Please call 613-687-5536 for further information or visit the following link:

No, the Town of Petawawa does not license pets on the Garrison’s North and South Town Sites.


No, DocuPet does not share/sell information to a third party.

DocuPet’s services are in accordance with Legislated requirements.

DocuPet is built using modern web technologies and works best with an up-to-date web browser. Updating your web browser is free-of-charge and highly recommended to ensure you stay safe online.

DocuPet currently supports the latest two versions of the browsers listed below, unless otherwise noted:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari (the latest version)
  • Edge (the latest version)
  • Internet Explorer (the latest version) [Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser and supports Internet Explorer 11 for backward compatibility.]
  • Google Chrome for Android
  • Apple Safari for iOS

If you are experiencing problems loading pages, forms or content; please ensure you are running at least the browser versions listed.

Any information input into the DocuPet system by administrative staff, or entered into our website where the user chooses not to agree to DocuPet's Terms of Service is 100% municipality owned and is not used by DocuPet except to administer the licensing program on behalf of the municipality.

Users who choose to agree to DocuPet's Terms of Service are agreeing to share their information with DocuPet and as such are given access to their online profile and have the ability to use DocuPet's Lost Pet System. This is not mandatory for licensing online or in person.